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Each Meeting Point is autonomous and has its own Owner.

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Our Company (ANTONIO BALDASSARRE d.i.) has been operating in the real estate brokerage sector for many years. Today, in the tradition of professionalism, seriousness and transparency consolidated and conquered over time, it follows the new path of the Grimaldi family which, thanks to its traditions and solid deep roots, has created the first circuit of prestigious professional real estate agents who identify themselves under a only image: IMMOBILIARE.COM.

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MARCO CAVALLARI and ANTONIO BALDASSARE, Affiliates Only Rentals, find a new sprint with real estate buying and selling

> In 2016, L'immobiliare.com and Solo Affitti signed an agreement which allows the opening of new "partner points" dedicated to leasing in L'immobiliare.com member agencies and vice versa, for Solo Affitti affiliated agencies, there is the possibility of supporting real estate buying and selling under the L'immobiliare.com brand with a dedicated room/corner.

In mid-2017, two new Solo Rentals agencies chose to support the L'immobiliare.com brand to manage the real estate buying and selling business.
These are two agencies in the province of Milan, which have been present in the Cologno Monzese and Rozzano areas for several years.

In these pages, we had the pleasure of interviewing the owners of the respective agencies; specifically Mr. Marco Cavallari for Rozzano and Mr. Antonio Baldassarre for Cologno Monzese.

> Mr. Cavallari, you work in the real estate sector with your father Bruno Cavallari, a highly experienced real estate agent who has been working in the Rozzano square for several years. In 2017 you decided to diversify your business by adding the L'immobiliare.com brand to the already existing Solo Rentals brand. What were the reasons that led you to this choice?
The sales project started as early as 2016, the main intention was to expand the range of services offered to our customers, both owners and tenants. In fact, already in previous years we noticed requests for advice from loyal customers and unfortunately we did not have the right experience to deal with a market so different from rentals. With my entry into the agency in 2015, we invested in this "new" sector and decided to join a brand managed by highly experienced people in order to grow and provide increasingly efficient and punctual services to our customers.

> Has this new formula already brought you any new business opportunities?
Certainly! 2016 was the first year in which we entered the world of sales and we immediately achieved interesting results. Many of our clients to whom we have offered the new services, both owners and tenants, have given us mandates to sell or look for a house. The growing experience and the creation of a new service structure allowed us in 2017 to obtain satisfactory results in terms of turnover, new properties acquired recording significant growth.

> At an operational level, how did you organize yourself for the management of the real estate agency with the double brand?
The agency is family-run, my father and I work full-time and my mother part-time. Relations with the Solo Rentals office and all the management of privately owned rental properties are managed by my father, while I mainly deal with the rentals of large residential complexes or builders and all the properties for sale. My mother, on the other hand, takes care of all the secretarial and contractual aspects.

> Mr. Baldassarre, you have been working in Cologno Monzese for some years with your Solo Rentals agency. In 2017 you decided to diversify your business by deciding to also deal with the real estate sale with the L' immobiliare.com brand. How did you find out about this new project and what was the lever that pushed you towards this choice?
In fact, I started my buying and selling activity by presenting myself on the market with my name (Studio AB - Consulenze Immobiliari) being in any case already known in the area because I had already been present since 2006 with the Solo Rentals agency. I learned of this opportunity from Solo Affitti itself and after having studied the project with the Grimaldi family, I decided to join the "l'immobiliare.com" group for the following reasons:
- seriousness of the project (network, support, tools);
- importance of the name "Grimaldi";
- possibility of extensive collaboration with colleagues in the Network;

> I also ask you if, thanks to this formula, you have already had any new business opportunities
Due to the transfer of my office, I delayed a bit the entry into force with the new brand but I have already had interesting contacts and I am sure that new business opportunities will soon arrive. In particular, I am looking for an important industrial complex for one of my clients and the possibility of interacting and collaborating with colleagues in these complex cases will certainly be a winner.

> Speaking of real estate sales, what are the services offered by L'immobiliare.com that bring you a particular advantage in your daily activity?
I found some partnerships such as "Agentpricing" interesting as well as the calendar of meetings and professional updating workshops with interesting and stimulating proposals. I'm not a boy anymore, even if I am


WHEN YOU BUY A HOME WE CAN HELP YOU CHOOSE | Thanks to our professionals we are able to provide you with the right advice and to present you with the solution that best suits your needs, within a large and selected real estate portfolio. In fact, it is sufficient to leave your data and the characteristics of the property sought to be entered in our database, so as to be contacted quickly. Furthermore, for your maximum guarantee, the forms are simple and complete. You will then be followed in every phase of the negotiation, up to the notarial deed. Where necessary, we will be able to manage exchanges and inform you of agreements with the best banking institutions to provide financial services suited to your needs.

WHEN YOU SELL A HOUSE WE KNOW HOW TO VALUE YOUR PROPERTY | Our network is made up of serious and well-prepared professionals, able to provide you with free real estate consultancy to establish a coherent market valuation. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to plan the most effective advertising promotion in newspapers and trade publications, both printed and online. To advertise all the properties that have been entrusted to the circuit, we have our website www.limmobiliare.com with captivating and easy-to-use graphics. The property will also be advertised, thanks to important agreements, on the main portals of the sector. By entrusting the task exclusively to a member of the Circuit, it will also be possible to make use of the other operators present in the area through the online database. Furthermore, visits to the property are always carried out with selected clients and accompanied by our consultants. We then provide you with periodic reports on the activities carried out and on the negotiations in progress, following you up to the notarial deed.

Our Company operates in the real estate brokerage sector with the L'IMMOBILIARE.COM brand, in all the areas listed below. Furthermore, in the field of Leases it operates as a Partner Point with the SOLOAFFITTI brand.

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